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Just Follow These Simple Steps.

 1. Go to or copy and paste URL into your web browser. 

 2. On the Home Page 

  • Click on Websites
  • Select Website Builder
  • Select Website Builder Personal

 3. Return to Home Page 

  •  Purchase Your Perfect Domain Name 

 4. Use Your Current Email Address 

What Make This Website Affordable?

  • Annual website builder fee - $71.88 ($5.99/month)  [Note: If using a monthly payment plan, the monthly fee is $6.99 a month.]
  • Annual domain fee - < $15
  • Email address- $0
  • Designer fee – $0
  • Maintenance fee – $0
  • Upgrade by choice
  • Permission to use Elaine's copyright content

Purchased your site, request Video Instructions. More Info?

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