Building The Perfect Website for Notaries!


Hello, my name is Elaine Wright Harris.

It was in June of 2002 when I was introduced to the Office of the Notary Public and becoming a Notary Signing Agent. A Notary Signing Agent came to my home to conduct a refinance loan closing. After he finished the closing in approximately 45 minutes, I looked at him and asked 2 questions, (1) “What do you do?” and (2) “How can I do what you do?” And the rest is history, I immediately became a Notary Public and, eventually, a Notary Mentor, Notary Instructor and Notary Signing Agent.

However, in June of 2002, I was a couple of months shy of achieving my certification in Website Design and Development from the Department of Agriculture Grad School in Washington, DC. Having earned my certification (after 2 1/2 years of attending school 2 evenings a week), I began developing websites for clients. However, my true focus was developing my Notary Public profession and helping others achieve the same.

Today, with the exponential growth of technology, I see an opportunity to help notaries promote their businesses, enrich their skill set and save money at the same time. I thought, “Why not teach Notaries how to build and develop their own websites at a minimal cost?” And that’s where we are today. A website adds credibility to each notary's business and provides an excellent promotional marketing tool. I will be your coach.

So, how do you get started? 

1. Purchase a “Personal Website Builder” package. The website builder package provides a template that allows you to set up, develop, and manage your site. It is similar to renting a store front in a shopping mall; instead, your store front is displayed on the worldwide web. Just like a storefront requires a monthly rental fee, there is also a monthly fee for hosting your website on the worldwide web at a much lesser cost. 

2. Get an address for your website by purchasing a “domain name”. A storefront business has a physical address their clients can visit;  a website on the worldwide web has a virtual address, called a domain name, where your clients can visit you. 

3. Once you have purchased the Personal Website Builder” package and your domain name (optional if you already have a domain name), fill out the Affordable Website Package Registration Form to request permission to use Trusted Agent Services Group, LLC copyrighted “notarial template wording” that can be used customized for your website.

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Websites Published by Notaries Using Website Builder

These Notary Professionals are on their way to establishing a presence on the web and showing their notary and/or TIPIC/NSA credentials to clients.

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